Sidestand Enlarger, S1000 XR

Sidestand Enlarger, S1000 XR

Part Number: 36060202

Price: $89.95

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S1000 XR Side Stand Enlarger

For the aluminum side stand of the S1000 XR, Wunderlich designers came up with a particularly elegant and functional solution. The perfectly machined side stand enlarger fits right over the foot of the side stand and it's firmly held in place with 3 - 4mm set screws around the perimeter. The part is machined of solid aluminum and anodized black. It features serrations on the edge that provide additional grip for your boot and thereby easy deployment of the side stand.

Your S1000 has an especially small side stand footprint and can really benefit from one of these side stand enlargement plates. Hot asphalt or soft sand can cause an unsafe situation when parking on the side stand. If your bike tips over it's not only a huge inconvenience, it an unnecessary expense too. This Wunderlich part solves the problem by increasing the surface area of your side stand foot. It is designed to fit perfectly and be easy to install and that makes this accessory a sensible improvement for your S1000 XR.

When installing, apply a drop or two of LIQUI MOLY or similar thread locking fluid to the retaining screws to ensure that they do not loosen and fall out.

Installation requires 2mm allen wrench.

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This item fits the following BMW bike models:

  • S1000XR