Spark Plug Connector / Coil Puller

Spark Plug Connector / Coil Puller

Part Number: 8160237

Price: $36.95

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The spark plug connector of the new generation bikes is actually much more than meets the eye. The connector is actually the coil as well. This tool makes it easy to remove the spark plug connector / high tension coil. Attempting to remove the connector without the proper tool will not only be difficult, it may cause irreparable damage to the connector.

This puller is beautifully machined of aluminum and then anodized blue. It also features a transversely bored hole through which you can insert a screwdriver or something similar, to pull out those stuck connectors.

This is a workshop quality tool that will last a lifetime. It is designed for use with the following BMW motorcycles:

R1100 S with 2-Spark Ignition (2003 and later)*

R1150 models with 2-spark ignition (2003 and later)*

R1200 C and CL with 2-Spark Ignition (2003 and later)*

All other R1200 models including Water Cooled

All F800 models plus F700 GS and F650 GS Twin

K1200 S, R, R-Sport, GT

K1300 S, R, GT

*If your bike is an earlier R model with a single spark ignition system, please order part number 8160239. (Link under the Related Products tab)

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This item fits the following BMW bike models:

  • R1100S
  • R1150RS
  • R1150Rockster
  • R1150R
  • R1150GSADV
  • R1150GS
  • R1150RT
  • R1200CL
  • R1200C
  • HP2Megamoto
  • HP2Enduro
  • R1200ST
  • R1200S
  • R1200R
  • R1200RLC
  • R1200RS
  • RnineT
  • R1200RT
  • R1200RTLC
  • R1200GSADV
  • R1200GS
  • R1200GSALC
  • R1200GSLC
  • K1200RS
  • K1200RSPORT
  • K1200R
  • K1300R
  • K1200S
  • K1300S
  • K1300GT
  • F800S
  • F700GS
  • F650GSTWIN
  • F800GT
  • F800GSADV
  • F800GS
  • F800R