Multi Function Axle Tool

Multi Function Axle Tool

Part Number: 8160238

Price: $54.95

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If you need to remove the front wheel, a 22 mm hexagon socket or a BMW workshop is required. Most tire repair shops don't have this large hexagon socket, and this size is not a commonly available tool. With this recurring problem in mind, we have designed our own tool that makes changing a wheel possible for a start, and adds many valuable additional functions to your on-board toolkit. Standard " screwdriver bits can be inserted into the hex shaped hole on the end.

The facts:

Can be operated using a ratchet and a 17 mm socket, or a round bar (using the side bores in tool body) or if needed in an emergency with a 17 mm wrench.
22 mm hexagon head for removing/fitting the front wheel spindle.
Bit holder with integrated magnet (holds the bit securely in the holder).
Square head for all 1/2 inch sockets (as ratchet substitute).
Very strong aluminum, blue anodized.
Note: Maximum torque of 100 NM/73 ft.-lbs can be applied to the hexagon (but not for the bit insert!)

Tip: add a variety of commonly available " Torx and screw bits and together with the "MultiTool" you'll have a nearly complete toolkit for roadside repairs, using minimal space.

Not for F800 GS or F650 GS Twin

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This item fits the following BMW bike models:

  • R1200ST
  • R1200S
  • R1200R
  • R1200RLC
  • R1200RT
  • R1200GSADV
  • R1200GS
  • K1200RSPORT
  • K1200R
  • K1300R
  • K1200S
  • K1300S
  • K1200GT_2006_on
  • K1300GT
  • K1600GT
  • F800S
  • F800ST
  • F800GT
  • F800R