Throttle Lock

Throttle Lock

Part Number: 8166102

Price: $189.95

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The Wunderlich Throttle Lock is a simple but effective Cruise Control solution. On long riding stints the throttle hand can become tired and cramped; however, with the Throttle Lock installed this becomes less of a problem. The Throttle Lock simply replaces the right hand side bar end weight, and by turning the adjustment wheel, the Throttle Lock applies pressure onto the end of the twist grip, reducing or canceling out the effect of the return spring. For safety reasons, our throttle lock is designed such that tension is applied in the opposite direction of throttle action. In this way, tension can only be intentionally applied.

The adjustment wheel has wide-spaced teeth that allow easy adjustment, even while wearing gloves, so it can be dialed in for exactly the required pressure. To disable, simply turn the adjustment wheel the other direction, and instantly, the twist grip returns to normal function. For the left side, a matching bar end weight is supplied as a replacement for the original, so that the bike retains its symmetry.

Fits F800 GS (up to 2012), F800 R and F650 GS (Twin)

Please Note: This version Throttle Lock is not compatible with the BMW hand guard bars (only applies to F800 GS and F650 GS Twin). If your bike has BMW hand guard bars, we still have a solution; we offer the same item designed to work with the BMW hand guard bars, please see under the Related Products tab.

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This item fits the following BMW bike models:

  • F800R